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Venture capital

I am thrilled to share with you my journey as a private equity investor in some of the most promising young companies as well as a PE fund. Given my network and knowledge in public markets, it makes perfect sense to move upstream into private markets. My role is to help investee companies with strategic finance, networking and investor optics.

Despite the drying up of global liquidity in 2022, these companies continued to thrive and attract top-tier investors, resulting in higher valuations. Join me as I share my insights and experiences about the companies I am proud to have helped and invested in.



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Proven Global Massive IoT Service Provider & Integrator

UnaBiz specializes in solution design, manufacturing, connectivity and data platform services across a hybrid of LPWAN technologies to power sustainable business growth, in areas of smart asset tracking, smart metering & cold chain monitoring. In Dec 2022, it closes Series B Extension Round at over US$50m led by SPARX Group.



Next-generation digital infrastructure with emerging and immersive technologies

Hiverlab's solutions cover a range of latest technologies, including data analytics, AR / VR / MR, cloud computing, etc, to empower organizations around the world to build their future digital infrastructure in education, communication, operations and more.



Doctor Anywhere

Making healthcare simple, accessible and efficient for everyone, digitally

Doctor Anywhere is a Singapore-based telehealth company that provides on-demand healthcare solutions. Its digital platform gives quick access to health and wellness solutions. In August 2021, it raised its Series C financing round, led by growth equity investor Asia Partners. Total amount raised since founding is more than SGD 140m.



Singapore's leading clean energy provider

Sunseap Group Pte Ltd  specializes in Solar PPA, offsite clean energy supply, EPC and O&M solar PV solutions, demand-side management, energy efficiency and more. It was acquired by Portugal's EDPR in 2022 for SS$1.1b.



ACE Eco-Ark


Revolutionizing aquaculture using sustainable, eco-friendly & cost effective methodology

By using a combination of advanced, game-changing technology as an alternative to traditional fish farming, ACE’s approach is eco-friendly, cost-effective and sustainable, allowing fresh, wholesome, chemical-free fish to be readily available to consumers everywhere consistently. Singapore Government's 30-by-30 vision has catalyzed immense opportunities in ACE's aquaculture methodology.


Eat Just

Really good eggs, from plants

Eat Just develops and markets plant-based alternatives to conventionally produce egg products and cultivated meat products. It became a unicorn in 2016 by surpassing a $1 billion valuation. Eat Just partnered with C2 Capital Partners in 2022, receiving $25 million from the PE firm to expand its operations in China. In March 2023, its subsidiary Good Meat receives FDA clearance.


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